A Bio From our instructor;  Yoga is a relationship between the body, mind and breath. Yoga is freedom and release from the obstacles we face in our bodies and in our day-to-day lives.

What I like most about yoga is that there is no “end” or perfect pose. It’s not a competition. Something I struggled with at the beginning of my practice was my ‘ego’. In the beginning I was afraid to try some asanas because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, or everyone would laugh that I couldn’t get as far into the pose as them. The wonderful thing about yoga is that the student who can do a headstand has as much to learn as the student who can’t touch their toes. Perfectionism is a sure way to destroy potential! Yoga all about giving it a go and loving what your body can do.

In my classes I hope to bring an attitude of self-discovery, challenge and fun. Questions are always welcomed! If we’re on a journey, we might as well enjoy it together! I hope that together we can build a community of love, acceptance and appreciation for everyone on their yoga journey.

There are many different schools of yoga, but I found a real connection to the Vinyasa (VIN-YA-SA) style of yoga. The Sanskrit word ‘Vinyasa’ literally translated to ‘Connection’. In Vinyasa each movement is connected to a breath, with the breath acting as an anchor as you move from one asana to another, to form a sequence (or connection) of asanas. The classes will start off slow, but you can expect to move and sweat as we get warmed up. Cost: 1 Class a week £5 2 Classes a week £8 8 Classes £30 + (FREE Yoga Masterclass)

Equivalent to all Level I & Level II classes Yoga Masterclass £10 **timetable of exact sessions available on website** How to book.  All enquiries for availability to be made through our website, payment is to be made to secure place in Gym or Via Bank transfer.

NamasteThanks, Rhiannon TeamGE

Thanks, Rhiannon TeamGE